2020.9.21 Release! - AMEE - Surge Greencross Remix

The newest instalment from Japanese producer duo, AMEE, is titled "Surge" and comes with three original techno tracks featuring their unique style plus a remix by the label's boss, Greencross.

Feedback & Support Comment from: Candy Cox/Remnis/Wolfgang Dorninger(The Smiling Buddhas)/Anderson Noise (Noise Music) /Dj Destro/Gloom/Son of 8 bits/TsBookings/Jan Liefhebber/Clash (MOODULAB)/Dj Melej/Cristian Varela/Dj Caloy/Herbert Bravo/Elek-Fun (Leading Astray Records)/Marco Carola/DJ Sionni/Zuni (Tribal Waves/Doppler Shift)/Uglynelzon/Jose Cabello/Dexon/Sander Bottaio (Eventhorizon)/Richie Hawtin/Manuel Lauro (Faze Magazin)/Deniell Biswane/Finnster & Maex (Polylog Arts)/Benjamin Damage/Oliver Kapp/Chinanski/Cement0/Ciclus Live

Cool! Thanx for sending! :)

— Candy Cox

Very nice release! I especially like Surge, pounding track! The other are also nice, and I like Room 205 for it's ambiance. Good opening or closing track! Thanks for sending!

— Remnis

I like the driving and agressive sound a lot! lso the synth layers! Airplay via Fadimat105 -

— Wolfgang Dorninger(The Smiling Buddhas)

Thanks for the music

— Anderson Noise (Noise Music)

Nice one!! Surge is my shot.

— Dj Destro

Surge is ace!

— Gloom

A varied EP, definitely playing this in my next podcast!

— Son of 8 bits

Surge for me! Will play, than you!

— TsBookings

greatstuff thanks

— Jan Liefhebber

Great work, the track Surge (Greencross remix) for sure in my playlist

— Clash (MOODULAB)

BOMB !!!

— Dj Melej

Good! Downloading for Cristian Varela..thank you very much!

— Cristian Varela

nice one

— Dj Caloy

great EP good Job thanks!!!

— Herbert Bravo

Will try thanks :)

— Elek-Fun (Leading Astray Records)

Downloading for Marco Carola, thanks.

— Marco Carola


— DJ Sionni

Mister kingdom and Greencross remix for me, thanks.

— Zuni (Tribal Waves/Doppler Shift)


— Uglynelzon

Pedazo de release brothers!

— Jose Cabello


— Dexon

Awesome tracks!! thnx!

— Sander Bottaio (Eventhorizon)

downloaded for r hawtin

— Richie Hawtin

Nice Ep

— Manuel Lauro (Faze Magazin)

Solid release! Especially fond of the Mister Kingdom & Greencross Rmx!

— Deniell Biswane

Last one was way better

— Finnster & Maex (Polylog Arts)

Nice work

— Benjamin Damage

surge remix is nice!

— Oliver Kapp

Great ep

— Chinanski

a really good EP, good variation overall support for sure!

— Cement0

nice EP, thanks for the music!

— Ciclus Live

AMEE - Surge

1. AMEE - Surge
2. AMEE - Surge Greencross Remix
3. AMEE - Mister Kingdom
4. Room 205 Original Mix

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2020/9/20
Cat# : DIDREC199
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2020.3.23 Release! - AMEE - Rural Scenery

Japanese twosome Yohey Suzuki & Nako aka AMEE deliver a fresh pair of tracks starring the producers' trademark techno style on their newest release, "Rural Scenery".
Artwork by Pawel Czerwinski.
Mastered by

Feedback & Support Comment from: Marco Lenzi/Remnis/Son of 8 bits/Marco Carola/Wolfgang Dorninger-The Smiling Buddhas/Manuel Lauro Faze Magazin/West Chain-Combine Audio artist/Label/Renaat Vandepapeliere/Sander Bottaio-Eventhorizon Events and Podcasts/Richie Hawtin/Paula Cazenave/Terence Fixmer/Dr. Motte/Chinanski/Cement0/ Englisch/DJ Diablo/Khube-Weekend Vandals/Uglynelzon/Marceline Geelen (DJ Mag NL)

Cool ACID Techno Release on Different Is Different Records. Downloading "AMEE - Rurall Scenery" for play & support for Dr. Motte, thanks & greetings from Berlin & Rave the Planet :-)

— Dr. Motte


— Marco Lenzi

Great release! Loving the acid! Especially the first one fits to my taste! Thanks for sending!

— Remnis

Interesting contrast.

— Son of 8 bits

downloading for Marco Carola, thanks

— Marco Carola

best techno 2020! airplay via Fadimat105.

— Wolfgang Dorninger - The Smiling Buddhas

Nice EP

— Manuel Lauro - Faze Magazin

Growing and intense atmosphere. Really good..

— West Chain - Combine Audio artist

Nice release, thanks for sending. I prefer 'Walking Around Night City' for it's more chilled vibe. I will be using itin an upcoming set, thanks again for sending

— Label


— Renaat Vandepapeliere

Cool tracks!

— Sander Bottaio - Eventhorizon Events and Podcasts

very downloaded for r hawtin

— Richie Hawtin

Nice, will play first track ;)

— Paula Cazenave

great energy . thx

— Terence Fixmer

Rural scenery for me :)

— Chinanski


— Cement0

great release!

— Greencross -


— Daniel Englisch

Another top quality Different Is Different release! Loving Amee's 606 driven Walking Around Night City. Cannot hear 1st track on the promo page, but must b good I reckon, let it be a lil surprise then :) thanks!

— DJ Diablo

Good acid sound

— Khube-Weekend Vandals

incredible sounds...

— Uglynelzon

Nice Tracks

— Marceline Geelen (DJ Mag NL)

AMEE - Rural Scenery

1. AMEE - Rural Scenery
2. AMEE - Walking Around Night City

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2020/3/23
Cat# : DIDREC190
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2019.10.21 Release! - AMEE - Crocodile

After winning Ken Ishii's "Twitched" remix contest and following their latest EP, "Sound Of Turbulence", the Japanese producer duo, AMEE, return to Different Is Different Records with "Crocodile" an EP including two original techno tracks filled with acid basslines and atmospheric rhythms.
Artwork by Pawel Czerwinski.
Mastered by

Feedback & Support Comment from: Cristian Varela/Dr. Motte/Filterheadz/Marco Carola/Uglynelzon/Finnster & Maex, Polylog Arts (Label), Nackt & Nebel (event), Institut für Spaß und Gesellschaft (club residency)/Augusto Taito/Son of 8 bits/Zoe Xenia/Gh0stmode, 1,5,9,14 Music./Sander Bottaio, Eventhorizon Events and Podcasts/Juan Trujillo, Simplecoding Recordings,, Frontman Management/Remnis/B-Vek, Manager at FNOOB Techno Radio 4 shows on FNOOB/Khube, Weekend Vandals/Ciclus Live/Newks, Radio, clubs/Djscap, Mixeduprecords/Marceline Geelen (DJ Mag NL)/Chinanski/DJ Diablo/Juriaan Lisman/TsBookings/Richie Hawtin/Fredrik Astevall, Different is Different/Dj Ogi/Drei Techno radio show, Drei Radio Show/Roland Hodar/Ian Void, Geushky Recordings/Zuni,Tribal Waves-Doppler Shift/Karolina Karlova/Gino Lightner/Candy Cox

nice track

— Cristian Varela music

Cool ACID Techno Release on DID. Downloading for play & support for Dr. Motte, thanks & greetings from Berlin & keep smiling :-)

— Dr. Motte

Black Forest is cool, Acid is juicy.

— Filterheadz

Black Forest is one of my favourite tracks of the year, it’s so visceral and full of intent. A masterclass in acid - perfect techno 10/10

— Ian Void, Geushky Recordings

great tracks!! i love them

— Roland Hodar

downloading for Marco Carola, thanks

— Marco Carola

nice sounds

— Uglynelzon

"crocodile a little bit too monotone but black forest is nice, tight acid line"

— Finnster & Maex, Polylog Arts (Label), Nackt & Nebel (event), Institut für Spaß und Gesellschaft (club residency)

will play, thanks!

— Augusto Taito

Crocodile is nice and quirky.

— Son of 8 bits

Black Forrest is a monster, nice work!

— Zoe Xenia

good acid blip blops

— Gh0stmode, 1,5,9,14 Music.

very awesome!

— Sander Bottaio, Eventhorizon Events and Podcasts

Great tracks. Love the low end in Crocodile and the hipnotism of Black Forest

— Juan Trujillo, Simplecoding Recordings / / Frontman Management

Nice release! I like the vibe of Crocodile. But the acid in the Black Forest is lovely!

— Remnis

Wicked EP .... Lovin both tracks ;) Black Forest is quality ;) BIG THX

— B-Vek, Manager at FNOOB Techno Radio 4 shows on FNOOB

Progressivey lovliness

— Khube, Weekend Vandals

Nice tracks! thanks for the music!

— Ciclus Live

Quality from AMEE as usual. Black Forest is a proper acid twister! Support!

— Newks, Radio, clubs

will support ! nice mix don’t stop

— Djscap, Mixeduprecords

nice tracks the second track is a little like one tone

— Marceline Geelen (DJ Mag NL)

great ep black forest for me

— Chinanski

Nice and fierce acid techno! Thanks!

— DJ Diablo

Black forest is amazing!! love it

— Juriaan Lisman

Will try thanks

— TsBookings

downloaded for r hawtin

— Richie Hawtin

A bit ravier than my usual rotation, but keeping these for those special moments.

— Fredrik Astevall, Different is Different

Nice ep! SUpport!

— Dj Ogi

4/5 gracias!

— Drei Techno radio show, Drei Radio Show

Both good tunes, thanks.

— Zuni, Tribal Waves/Doppler Shift

Thanx for sending!

— Karolina Karlova


— Gino Lightner

Candy Cox

— Thanx for sending!

AMEE - Crocodile

1. AMEE - Crocodile
2. AMEE - Black Forest

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2019/10/21
Cat# : DIDREC181
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2018.8.27 Release! - AMEE - Sound Of Turbulence

Japanese DJ & Producer duo AMEE release "Sound Of Turbulence", their new three-track EP on Different Is Different Records. Next to winning the Ken Ishii "Twitched" remix contest in 2016 and releasing "Nostaghia" on our ADE Sampler 2017, the couple from Tokyo return to Different Is Different Records with an EP full of acid basslines and pounding rhythms.

Early support from: A*S*Y*S*, Africa Islam, Alexi Delano, Ben Long, Cheap Konduktor, Chris Dormer [BSE Music], Clarkee [Area 51], Clash (Moodulab), Cristian Varela, DJ K.N (Mass United), DJ Warp (Japan) / Takashi Watanabe, Darkmode, Daz Furey, Diarmaid O Meara, Eddie Hale, Gemma Furbank, Hristian Stojanowski, Ian Void, Jan Liefhebber, John Warwick [Primate], Jon Connor, Jon E Thin Bremmar, Josh Moseley [Chicago Jaxxx], Kerstin Eden [Electric Eden], Louk, Luigi Madonna, Mark J, Mark Neenan, Matteo (Different Grooves), Newks, Nori [Posivision], Number Seven, Paco Osuna, Paula Cazenave, Robert Armani, Shiota Takahashi, Wayne DJC [Beyond Control], Zuni [Tribal Waves]

AMEE - Sound Of Turbulence

1. AMEE - Sound Of Turbulence
2. AMEE - Fail Safe
3. AMEE - Gaseous Giants

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2018/8/27
Cat# : DIDREC156
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2018.1.24 Release! - 70.000 Hours Ago Vol. 4 - Selected by Ken Ishii

Celebrating 8 years of Different Is Different Records, here is 70.000 Hours Ago Vol. 4. A four-part compilation including our most beloved tracks. Volume 4 has been selected by Ken Ishii.

70.000 Hours Ago Vol. 4 - Selected by Ken Ishii

1. Fiuset - Chocolatee
2. Kostas Maskalides - Red District
3. Greencross - The Children Of The Python ('Leg Before Wicket' Remix)
4. Lucas Freire - Organ Pad
5. Greencross - Convergent Waves (2015 Edit)
6. Red Pig Flower - Secret Spell
7. Drumcomplex - Gomme
8. James Hurricane - Daiichi (Angel Alanis 'Fallout' Remix)
9. Adam Jay - Weight Of The Hammer (KK's 'Carnival Of Filth' Remix)
10. DJ Shiva - Hackjammer
11. Kostas Maskalides - Krankenhaus
12. V1L - Blastwave
13. Sascha Zastiral - Atmosphere
14. Fredrik Astevall - Standard Struggle
15. TRPTYCH - Stranger
16. AMEE - Nostalghia
17. Dualtec - Mokum (Flight 19 Remix)
18. AEMB - Pullpush
19. Sirius Brown - Abyssal
20. Sceptical C - Hit The Deck
21. LAB3L3D - Straight Forward

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2018/1/24
Cat# : DIDREC140
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2017.10.9 Release! - ADE SAMPLER 2017

ADE Sampler 2017 is a new compilation with 13 unreleased techno and electronica cuts by Different Is Different Records The package includes new originals and new remixes of previously released tracks. Curated to create a balance between music from the label's uprising producers and newly signed artists.

ADE Sampler 2017 - Various Artists

1. ALOUT - Beginning To See
2. Rafa Ortega - Run
3. Sascha Zastiral - Impetus (Elias The Prophet Remix)
4. LAB3L3D - Straight Forward
5. EjwT - Eris feat. Plastique
6. Black Tetra - Eris feat. Plastique
7. Auster - Lonely Voice
8. Orquesm - Losse Groeven (Jssst Remix)
9. Jssst - Progression
10. Resonances (IT) - Edges
11. Jssst - Carabitur
12. AMEE - Nostalghia
13. Greencross - Afterlife

Format : DIGITAL
Release : 2017/10/9
Cat# : DIDREC133
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2016.8.8 Release! - Ken Ishii - Twitched (AMEE Remix)

August 2016,They released new remix "Ken Ishii / Twitched(AMEE REMIX)" from spanish techno label"Different is Defferent Records". This remix series is including with big names ,Tom Hades,Ortin Cam ,and Alberto Ruiz etc...

Ken Ishii - Twitched Remixed Part Four

1. Twitched (Ken Ishii 2016 Remix)
2. Twitched (Mika Kitten & Koichi Sato Remix)
3. Twitched (AMEE Remix)
4. Twitched (Victor Del Moral Remix)
5. Twitched (Osdienne Is Spun Mix)

Format : DIGITAL(beatport, Juno)
Release : 2016/8/8/Mon.
Cat# : DIDREC102
Label : Different is Different Records

Different Is Different Records
Soundcloud @didrec


2014.1.15 Delivery start! - AMEE / Tangled Drums

BBASS WORKS RECORDINGS' 38th Work!! 2nd Work for 2014 from BWR is a superb piece of work from a man and women duo, " AMEE " made up of Yohey Suzuki belonging to the most popular House Music community, " Nitelist " , as well as whose distinctive way of production are highly reputable and a female DJ, Nako who has a long career in the field. " Tangled Drums " is an astonishing Tech-House track describing an extreme state in night clubs. " You stumbled over but right before you almost fall down, you brace yourself. Or you just keep running possessed by an evil spirit in spite of a lack of energy." That's a pretty much extreme condition. AMEE themselves have frequently used this track in their set!! And a high-quality remix from Ogawa & Unic, who are going to release a big track soon and 2 version of Remixes from Sugiurumn are included!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!

AMEE / Tangled Drums

1. Tangled Drums (Original Mix)
2. Tangled Drums (Ogawa & Unic Remix)
3. Tangled Drums (Sugiurumn Remix)
4. Tangled Drums (Sugiurumn Vocal Mix)

Format : DIGITAL(beatport, iTunes,Juno,KINGBEAT,WASABEAT)
Release : 2014/1/15/Wed.
Cat# : BWR038
Label : Bass Works Recordings

Bass Works Recordings



OPEN: 23:00 | DOOR: ¥3500 W/F ¥3000 MEMBER: ¥2500

2013.12.24 - "ACID EP1"12" NOW ON SALE!


A2. SWING DA A(aciid jazz mix) / AMEE feat. DJ EMMA

Format : 12"EP
Release : 2013/12/24
Price : 1,500yen(tax off) 1,575yen(tax in)
Cat# : NM21028Z



Acid House is coming back to dance floor all over the world!! Is this just revival? Or beginning of something new excitement? DJ Emma from nitelist music compiled/produced all JP Acid House for release on good timing!! Once again its all Original JP Acid House!! Original Acid House creator DJ Piere said “Its massive sound …. this album!!”. “ACID CITY” is just dropped on your mouth !! Tune inn!!


2. A.S.I.D / NUDE
3. SWING DA A(aciid jazz mix) / AMEE feat. DJ EMMA
6. HELLO ! ACID (reprise) / MALAWI ROCKS
11. ACID ZOMBIE ~ Club Halloween / DJ EMMA & SUGIURUMN

Format : 12cm CD , DIGITAL(beatport, iTunes)
CD Release : 2013/7/24/Wed.
Cat# : NM21032
CD Price : 2,100yen(tax in) 2,000yen(w/o tax)


9.11Delivery start! - Sugiurumn & Dr.Shingo / Wide Awake EP

BASS WORKS RECORDINGS’ 21st work!! The four-dimensional duo has come back. This is the second work from the duo, Sugiurumn & Dr.Shingo who has just dropped the amazing songs ”Billy The Kid & Moon Shine.” "Wide Awake." Is the track released from BWR on 9/11.You will experience something new on the dance floor with ground-hugging basslines and resonant trumpet sounds. Also the song was broken down, looked into, and re-constructed by 6 of Japanese proud DJs. It is literally "Wide Awake." The Remixers are “Sunseaker”, who released Primal Purpose / White Vortex from BWR, Mr.Apach,”OSAKAMAN”-one of the founder of BWR, A promising producer in Tokyo, “NAGAI”, the super duo, “AMEE”, who has released a lot of tracks from renown Labels, “Daisuke Matsusaka” known for a big hit ” Asian Blue Rose” as well as an organizer of “Off-Tone”, and one of the founder of BWR, “Nao Nomura” who released Extrude / Vague Answer with Masanori Mikami (OUTDRAW MUSIC). 7 Various Remixes from 7 Various Artists!! We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, never let you down!!

Sugiurumn & Dr.Shingo / Wide Awake EP

1. Wide Awake (Original Mix)
2. Wide Awake (Sunseaker Remix)
3. Wide Awake (Osakaman Remix)
4. Wide Awake (Nagai Remix)
5. Wide Awake (AMEE Remix)
6. Wide Awake (Daisuke Matsuzaka Remix)
7. Wide Awake (Nao Nomura Remix)

Format : DIGITAL(beatport, iTunes,Juno,KINGBEAT,WASABEAT)
Release : 2013/9/11/Wed.
Cat# : BWR021
Label : Bass Works Recordings

Bass Works Recordings




AMEE is dj unit by Yohey Suzuki and Nako.Yohey Suzuki has been creating DJ tracks since '96. Playing at many clubs inside/outside of Tokyo. in 2006 ,Released a 12-inch vinyl L.P. from "NITELIST MUSIC"
Even before the L.P's release, one of its tracks ("AfricanPrayer") drew attention from many artists: it has been heavily playing by DJ EMMA, and it has been highly regarded by GREENVELVET--CajualRecords--.DJ'ed for GREENVELVET at METAMORPHOSE for an audience of 20,000 people. In addition, this track has been remixed by Ian Pooley, well-known German house DJ. The remix work was played by DJ Ian Pooley and DJ EMMA. Ranked the 7th in DJ EMMA's DJ chart. The side B of the track ("Veena") was also played by Paul Mac and others and is highly regarded.
Released "Moody Blue" along with "Chris Binder" track and "Balthazar "track of Bulgarians dj in "Primal Confusion004 , Confusion Reloaded" - a compilation released by "PRIMAL CONFUSION" which is a techno label lead by German Chris Binder.
And,new single released from NITELIST MUSIC called "EVENT HORIZON". It's a including "EMMA HOUSE 17", it has big hit. At the same time ,he remixed "OGAWA&UNIC feat. Tomomi Ukumori / MEDITATION(Yohey Suzuki remix)" This single has best sales during 2010 in japanese club music scene. And then ,He remixed "DJ Juri /AINOWA(Yohey Suzuki remix)".
Nako was beginning dj since 2000. She was djing "Maniac Love","Air"and"Space Lab Yellow"etc many clubs. And,She was opening act of great djs…"Ian Pooley","Derric Carter","Luke Solomon" on PRIMITIVE INC's party.
2013,They are organizing House and Techno music dj unit "AMEE". They were released new track "Swing Da A(aciid jazz mix)/AMEE feat. DJ EMMA". including "Acid City" of DJ EMMA's Acid House album. And,they remixed "Sugiurumn&Dr.Shingo/Wide Awake(AMEE REMIX)" from Sugiurumn's label "Bass Works Recordings". They released "Tangled Drums" including 2versions "Sugiurumn remix" and "OGAWA&UNIC remix" from Bass Works Recordings 15th of January 2014.
August 2016,They released new remix "Ken Ishii / Twitched(AMEE REMIX)" from spanish techno label"Different is Defferent Records". This remix series is including with big names ,Tom Hades,Ortin Cam ,and Alberto Ruiz etc...
2017,Their new track "Nostalghia" is included on compilation of "70.000 hours ago vol 4. - selected by Ken Ishii". This compilation is celebrating 8 years of "Different Is Different Records".
The newest instalment is titled "Surge" and comes with three original techno tracks featuring their unique style plus a remix by the label's boss, Greencross. this release is #8 on Beatport's top 100 techno releases chart.
About 10 years ago , the party "AMEE" invited big guests such as Filterheadz, Ken Ishii, Deetron, Rino Cerrone, Fumiya Tanaka, Daz Saund, Thomas Krome etc...and boasted more than 700 mobilization. In 2018, U.K. DJ "Ian Void (Geushky Recordings ) "As a special guest, played a revival in 10 years. Now then,They will be making many cool tracks.
Everyone is looking forward to them future.



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